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Meet Carly, the Joy Fairy

Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher

For my entire life, I have been attuned to others' emotional experiences. Some call it empathy, others refer to it as being highly sensitive, or in the spiritual world, clairsentient. Whatever you call it, I can pick up on others' feelings and I intuitively know how to empower others to transmute their emotional suffering into healing and growth.

I have a Master's of Science in Counseling Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist for many years. I also have worked with college students as a career counselor, helping them learn about their personality and matching them with majors and career paths best suited for them.

In 2015, I felt a call to explore my own personal spirituality on a deeper level. By that point, I had been doing yoga for about a decade and occasionally meditated. I loved practicing yoga and doing breathwork to induce feelings of calm and relaxation. But I felt as though I needed to dive in more deeply into the spiritual world.

I started seeing number sequences, specifically 1234 on clocks, license plates, receipts, etc. I I consulted Google and learned that seeing 1234 was indicative of taking steps on one's spiritual path. This made sense to me and I felt comforted by the validation the numbers provided me. I began seeing more number sequences after that and now I even hear numbers in my head to google. I always receive the message I need to hear when I look up the numbers.

I started reading about angels and ascended masters. I downloaded oracle card app decks on my phone. When I felt lost or confused (which was a lot back then), I found clarity through the readings I did. I was so unhappy in my career (nothing more depressing than a depressed career counselor!) and whenever I consulted the cards, I felt hopeful.

My personal card readings guided me to new career opportunities and a new home. For the past two years I was able to dive deep into my meditation practice and I developed a strong connection with my Higher Self, angels, and guides. I continued reading oracle cards and was amazed at the realizations I could come to with the perspective they provided.

I was so amped about this "magic" I uncovered that I started doing readings for my friends. Each person was amazed at the cards and I was so excited that everyone walked away with clarity and a new perspective.

After 4 years of personal use, research, and practice, I am ready to share this experience with you. YES, you. The beautiful light worker who is on my page, seeking this connection to her soul. 

I am excited to offer card readings with a twist: I weave in guided meditations and intuitive coaching to provide an experience you aren't going to find anywhere else. My empathy, experience as a counselor, my gift at helping you uncover your gifts, and my enthusiasm for practical woo will have you connected to the Heavens and rooted firmly in the Earth.