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Email Reading

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This reading was designed so that you could receive channeled guidance directly to your inbox. No appointment to be made, no conversations to be had (except your convo with your Soul, that is!), just the juicy goodness of a message specifically crafted for you.


If you are seeking guidance and direction, this is a unique opportunity to receive it. When you purchase this reading, you will be prompted to indicate an area that you want guidance on (Relationships, Career, Health, Family, Etc) or choose a general reading.


When I sit down to do your reading, I meditate, clear my mind, and connect to your energy as well as to your Higher Self/Soul/angels/guides. My intention is always to be of service for the highest good of all and to deliver information to you through unconditional love. There are no messages of doom and gloom, only gentle guidance that you can easily receive and integrate so that you can gain clarity and perspective.


I then will intuitively choose an oracle or tarot deck from my collection to do your reading. I will pull 3 cards and attach photos of the cards in your email. Then, I write! 


As I write, I channel information that comes through my intuition. It feels as those the words write themselves instead of my mind creating the sentences. I use the cards to give me a general direction of what to focus on. I normally get feelings and sensations in my body or chakras (energy centers) and this guides my writing. I also "hear" messages/phrases and include these as well.


Occasionally I may also feel guided to include a voice memo if the messages need to be "talked out." I hear songs and if one comes through, I will send a link if I feel it will help to deliver a message. There's a possibility that a crystal may support you and if that's the case, I will include the name of the crystal. The voice memo, songs, and crystal recommendations are only included if I feel called to shared and are not included in every reading.


My hope is that this email reading will serve you in your journey by providing comfort, direction, and clarity. You can print it out or use a picture of one of the cards as your phone background to serve as a tangible reminder of the channeled guidance.


If you are feeling stuck, lost, or confused, I would be honored to serve you by connecting you with your spiritual support team. The feelings you are having are normal and are just a sign from your Soul that you need a new perspective so you can pivot and change course. There is always hope, there is always a solution, there is always Love available to you.


Due the the detailed messages I deliver, please allow 3-7 days for your message to be delivered. If it has been more than a week since you purchased your reading and you have not received it, please contact me at carlythejoyfairy@gmail.com.


    This reading will be delivered to the email address you provide within 3-7 days of purchase. 


    Included: images of the 3 cards pulled for your reading and  a written channeled message for you (several paragraphs long)


    There are no refunds.


    No physical product will be shipped. This reading will be delivered to the email address provided.